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Multicart Enterprise

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Turn Key Platforms

All Newsoft platforms are turnkey in nature. You can get it up and running in couple of minutes time. All you have to do is configure them with your business data.

Exchange Option to Customize

You can get it up and running in couple of minutes time. We still offer FREE installation if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Companion Apps

It is not just the web platform alone. Most platforms have their mobile apps available as well. So you have the option to buy the mobile apps as well.

Option to Customize

We do not encrypt our softwares. You are free to customize it to meet your business plans. If you need help, we have our customization team at your disposal.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100 percent satisfied with your software, you can return it within thirty days of purchase.

Round The Clock Support

We offer support for your application in case you have any question or run into any sort of trouble. This support is available round the clock.




1 Concept

We validate your idea by working on prototypes & Proof of Concepts and testing against the market segment.

2 Analysis

With the help of wireframes, SOW etc. we analyze the idea to give it a shape for implementation.

3 Design

The UX/UI team will work to create interfaces that would engage your audience in the best way possible.

4 Develop

The functionalities are added to the pre-designed interfaces programmatically, giving life to your startup idea.

5 QA

We carry out unit testing, integration testing, speed testing, security testing, load testing to make sure the product is ready for market.

6 Launch

We will help you with deployment in the most optimized cloud platforms for the seamless working of the application.